Mehreen and Adnan

  Elegant Partial Planning by SAWC Planners Muslim Wedding May 2017

Words will probably not do justice in expressing how grateful we are to the SAWC team for helping us plan and execute our 3 day wedding! From the moment we met Neha and Kulsoom, we knew we were in good hands. Leading up to the wedding, they helped us stay organized, supported us through some vendor bookings and were always available to answer our endless questions. BUT… what we were really blown away by, is their execution on the day off the events! Kulsoom was coordinating the day off, and she did a phenomenal job in ensuring everything goes as per planned, providing guidance and direction to our friends and family and really just making sure things flow! We don’t even know what went on behind the scenes any of days because Kulsoom and the team were just focused on making sure we enjoy our time, attend our needs and they took care of the other stuff. Even our families just had to SHOW UP to the event half hour before and not worry much about logistical matters! Besides just the logistical support, their emotional support was so heart-warming as well. They even made sure we got to EAT at our own wedding!!!! Furthermore, what we particularly appreciated about them is that made the effort to build a relationship with our parents too. And, although our families didn’t quite understand why we needed a planner at first, they all admit the only reason things went as smoothly as they did and the reason we were able to enjoy the events and spend quality time with friends and family was because we had the SAWC team taking care of everything for us! Honestly, we cannot say this enough but hiring you guys was hands down the best decision we made! If you want yourselves and your families to be stress-free on the day off, you guys need to hire them!

Rija and Uzair

  Muslim Wedding- Classy Complete Planning by SAWC Planners Feb 2018

Booking Neha from SAWC planners was hands down the best decision we made.

My husband and I had a jam packed 3 day wedding which Neha helped plan and execute perfectly. I was worried about undertaking such a large project given that my wedding was the first in the family and that I had limited family around to help me organize. Neha was the sister I never had. She gave me the best advice whenever I had question or concerns. Her network of vendors is absolutely amazing and her professionalism is wonderful. I believe I booked almost all my vendors through her suggestions and they were great choices. She was able to coordinate across all my vendors, from venues to entertainment, photo, video, and everything else between.

For the days of the events, having Neha and her team there was a godsend. I probably had one of the least stressful wedding experiences, despite how complicated the wedding was, entirely due to Neha and her team being my support. I was able to enjoy all my events knowing that Neha was around to coordinate and execute exactly what I wanted. It also allowed our families to enjoy the events with us rather than coordinate things the days of. She was wonderful with all the families and guests and the vendors have nothing but great words for her.

My family loved her so much that my mom has already decided Neha will plan my brother's wedding whenever it happens! :)

In summary, words cannot explain how much we valued Neha's help and contribution to this special time in our life. It truly would not have been as great of an experience without her. We'll be forever thankful to her for helping us make such beautiful memories.

Mish and Vinoj

  Wedding- July 2017

We found Neha through a google search for “Toronto wedding planners”. We were living in New York City and our wedding was to be in Toronto. We first met Neha through skype. We liked her immediately for her professionalism and approachable personality; but weren’t sure if she would be a right fit. My sister-in-law went to a wedding planned by Neha and said the bride and groom’s parents were raving about her. That sounded promising – so we took a chance.
That was the best decision we made. It set the stage for all that followed, from introduction to great vendors to attending meetings with vendors we couldn’t due to being in New York. She easily paid for herself through price negotiations and special pricing with vendors.
I work really odd/long hours and Neha was always flexible/available with when we can converse. She gave us an organized way to approach our wedding, including timeline and budget. Neha listened to what we wanted, and her suggestions and price for quality could not be beat. We are very happy with all vendors – our dream team, which only came together thanks to Neha! Closer to our wedding, Neha helped facilitate our food tasting with our families, which went amazing. On our wedding day, her team made sure we were fed, hydrated and on-time. Our parents were able to enjoy the wedding without having to worry about the timeline or vendors. Everything was perfect.
Neha delivered on all her promises as a wedding planner and more. She kept us sane, through all the hurdles. We are truly lucky and feel blessed to have her plan our wedding.
Thank you Neha (and team SAWC!). If anyone needs someone to make their dream wedding a reality – Neha and her team are the best!

Vishu and Nihar

  Wedding Date- July 7 and 8, 2017

Good Morning Neha,
We were not able to message you right after the wedding since all our family is still over. We wanted to say thank you so very much for the hard work you put in for our wedding. This small thank you holds no value in front of your hard work for our events. You didn't let us feel any stress that came your way during our events and that means the world to us. We also remember how proactive you were before our wedding giving us heading up about everything we needed to have and all we needed to get done before the wedding. Our events would not have been the same if it was't for you and your team. You really do put your heart and soul into each event and the best part is no matter how bad things get you don't let it show. You are so such a sweet person to work with and super easy to get along with. We can't believe it's all over because it went so smoothly. We plan to keep in touch with you and hope to do more events with you. Once again thank you so very much for everything you have done for us. We were lucky you joined us on our special day. We will be sharing our pictures and videos with you once we get them. We will also be recommending you to our family and friends. I don't think they can find anyone better than you guys for their special day. From the food to the dance floor everything was so well looked after. Like we said our thank you is small in front of all your hard work but Thank you so much ... Love you

Dimple and Ayan

I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything that you have done for us this past 1.5 years. If there is one thing that we will not regret- it is having you as our wedding planner. Both Ayan and I are the first ones in our families to get married in Canada, having you guide us through the planning process has been such a huge blessing. Whenever we had any questions the first person that we would turn to is you, and you would give us a response so quickly and honestly. Whenever we had any problems or concerns with any of our vendors, you would fix it pretty much immediately. We were so impressed with the rapport and the relationship you have with all the vendors. On the day of the wedding, I had felt so relaxed because of you and your team. We knew that we could count on you to pull through with the all the meticulous details that we had planned. Overall the day was super successful, and a good chunk of the credit really goes to you! You are truly awesome, and I would highly recommend any bride and groom to choose you as their wedding planner!


Pramod Agnihotri

  Father of Bride July 3, 2016 Best experience we had around our daughter's marriage was having Neha Chopra as the navigator. From the moment my wife and I met her, we were sure to have her lead us through the wedding and reception - to turn those dreams into reality. Her complete understanding of everything about weddings, the professional approach to handling multiple tasks, her knowledge of the best in industry vendors & excellent organizational and event management skills, made all the events around our daughter's big day so vibrant and successful beyond expectations.

Neha's eagerness to get thoroughly involved in every step of the two same day functions made them unbelievably seamless.

Dreams were ours but they came true to perfection due to a flawless execution of plan that Neha mapped them into. Her ability to control multiple vendors, coordinate dozens and dozens of activities and hundreds of guests, has been a remarkable feature of this larger than life day for our family.

"What a big letup would it have been had we not run into Neha Chopra".

With her understanding of the fact that South Asian wedding is a family affair, our needs, desires and even the anxiety around the wedding as parents of a bride, and her painstaking involvement, tireless planning of this magnitude and a superb execution – she chiselled to shape a gem of a product that delivered the sweetest, best and everlasting memories to us for ever.

Thank you Neha Chopra @ South Asian Wedding Centre.

Nina Bajaj

 , Wedding Date- July 1, 2016

Working together with Neha at SAWC over the past year planning our wedding has been an absolute life saver. We are based in New York and really relied on Neha during the entire process. From the first consultation she provided us with advice and recommendations and made us feel comfortable attacking the enormous task of planning a wedding.

Neha really went above and beyond with planning to help us with all of our wedding vendors including our wedding venue (the biggest vendor!). She saved us a lot of money during every negotiation using her existing relationships and wealth of experience.

She has always made herself available to meet whenever we were able to travel to Toronto, even with short notice and is always responsive with emails/texts.

Neha attended meetings on our behalf when we couldn't be there, and has accompanied us with an enormous amount of vendors. Neha kept us on track, provided us with inspiration, checklists and countless options. She gave us the support and guidance we needed during the entire process while still giving us the space and freedom to make decisions ourselves. She made us feel as if she was working on our wedding full-time!

On the day of, Neha and her team worked great alongside the other vendors. She made certain that no detail was missed and took control over the event to ensure organization and that everything flowed smoothly. Neha truly exceeded our expectations and we cannot thank her enough for all of her hard work and dedication over the past year.

Jasroop and Amit

 Wedding Date- April 22, 2016

We hired Neha for our wedding approximately four months before our big day. Although we had most of the main things planned we had attended a wedding the previous year and were so impressed with it that we felt she would be a great addition in executing the things we had envisioned. From the beginning until the end Neha helped make our vision come to life. During the week of the wedding my husband and I felt as if it was going so smooth - even when it may not have been. Like any wedding there is always chaos but lucky for us we didn't know anything about it because Neha and the team did a great job letting us enjoy our day. This was due to Neha's organization, professionalism and utmost care for us, her client. I would definitely recommend Neha and her team to make your wedding day or week a reality! Thanks again, Neha & The Team - we are still having wedding withdrawals.

Trisha and Omar

 Wedding- May 14, 2016

We hired Neha two years before our wedding. We just got married on May 14th, 2016. Throughout the whole process Neha has been there for us every step of the way. From day one she has been so supportive, providing us with idea and suggestions. We told her what type of theme we wanted to have (a fairytale theme), and she made our whole wedding magical. She provided us with a list of her vendors, and we went with every single one of her vendors. All of them have been so great to work with. Also, using all of her vendors made it so much easier to communicate and work with. They are all so amazing and we are so glad we hired them. Our wedding would not have been what it was without Neha and her entire team. They were there very step of the way, making sure that the ceremony and the reception went as planned, they made sure everything was perfect, they took care of everything and we did not have to worry about anything. We highly recommend hiring Neha, she did two of my cousins and mine, and she is amazing! Thank you so much Neha and your team, we love you!!

Shan and Tajinder

 September 26, 2015

Thank you Neha for helping us bring our wedding to life! You really helped helped bring our Oscars theme and decor ideas together. You took the time and made sure we didn't miss any details. On the day of our wedding, we were worry-free, you took care of all the details, coordination, timing, and made sure ourselves, as well as our family members were able to have a memorable day. Thanks Neha - your effort was truly appreciated! Shan & Tajinder

Shivani and Devesh

 Aug 9, 2014

We worked with Neha Chopra from South Asian Wedding Centre and I must say what a delight she is to work with! She comes extremely organized and is full of creativity and innovative ideas. We spent few very late nights planning the wedding and reception details and she basically took off a huge load off our back. She was present at the wedding event early morning to look over décor, sound and other details. Neha took full charge during the wedding and made sure all events are executed in a timely manner. She coordinated the bride groom entrance songs and bridesmaids entry as well. Since our wedding and reception was the same day, she had to run around coordinating the reception details as well. It seems like you would be able to handle everything but its best to let friends and family enjoy and let professional wedding planning assistance take over. At the end, everything was executed well thanks to Neha and I would definitely recommend her to anyone getting married!

Pratik and Mou

  June 27, 2015

Hands down, the best money you will spend for your wedding is on Neha's wedding coordination team! Her team's professionalism, kindness, and organization were beyond our expectations. Her team went above and beyond, taking care of so many details we would have never even thought of. Neha was also easily accessible for any ad hoc advice leading up to the wedding making the whole process a breeze. Thank you Neha, Jay, and Vidya!

Warda and Abid

  May 2015

We hired Neha to coordinate two of our wedding events and she did a spectacular job! Neha was very friendly and professional and helped guide us throughout the planning process. Neha was always willing to offer us helpful advice and tips and kept us on track when things got a little stressful! She was also very calm and professional when communicating with all of our vendors and made sure that they all knew what to expect for the day of the events. Neha and her team ensured that our events ran seamlessly and allowed my husband and I to really sit back and enjoy our events. People commented on how we both looked so relaxed during the events and it was really all thanks to Neha! Neha and her team really went above and beyond our expectations in every aspect. In hindsight, hiring Neha was one the best things we did and I would highly recommend Neha to anyone planning their wedding!

Paul and Neisha

 Oct 2014

Most couples and families think "I can do it all, I can delegate family members to help" but the truth is all of our family deserves to be a guest at your wedding, when I met Neha I wasn't sure how much I would need from her but as the wedding day came close I needed her and her team Jay and Trish more and more. Neha's services was economical the money she saved us in finding the right vendors and knowing the path in wedding planning was definitely worth it. But most importantly, our family came to our wedding our parents, siblings, uncle, aunts, cousins and friends were guests apart from their wedding duties for ceremony and reception they danced and ate and had a great time- Neha and her team were responsible for giving us the chance to enjoy and not be taken up in preparing and planning and cleaning and directing, Neha was a confidant, friend and she even took the role of sister and cousin as she just fell Into the right place with our family as she was quickly accepted. Neha was available 24hours and never failed us. We had a dream wedding, with a dream team thanks to the South Asian Wedding Centre - Neha Chopra.

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