Hello our Sikh brides! Want to know why having a planner will benefit you and your family on one of the most important days of your life? Well, the SAWC crew has come together and has gathered some information just for you!

The Sikh wedding ceremony is known as the Anand Karaj. Generally, the wedding takes place in the morning on a date agreed upon by the two families. The day of the wedding can get very busy and it’s sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what needs to happen first. Don’t fret, this is why the SAWC team is here.

First and foremost, before the wedding can take place, both sides need to gather their parties, which means leaving the house on time and let’s face it, this is a task on its own. If your family is one that requires a little nudge out the door, the SAWC team will do that just for you. It’s important to stick to the schedule as best as possible because added time can also mean added charges from your vendors.
The Baraat, the groom’s side, sometimes opts to have the groom come in on a horse or have dhol’s play. Something to remember, not all Gurdwara’s allow a horse or dhol’s, so ensure your Gurdwara does allow it if you are thinking about booking those vendors.
Once the Baraat has arrived, it is time to do the milni. The milni, is a ceremony where the two families formally meet and exchange sweets, garlands, or, hugs. To help this ceremony go smoothly, make sure you have a list ready of the relationships and the names ready. TheGranthi/Priest, does not organize the milni, so ensure you have given all gifts, lists, and anything else you want for the milni to your wedding planner and he/she will organize it.
Once the milni¸ has been completed, the guests and family head to the langar hall to get snacks before the big event takes place. If the breakfast food is being catered, ensure your planner has all the contact and order information so they can ensure that everything has arrived and is setup prior to the guests arrival at thelangar hall.
A recent trend that has emerged, is having colour coordinated rumaals for the bride and groom’s side. The planner will be responsible for making sure everyone wears the colour specified by the couple. This also goes for any boutonnieres you may want distributed, the planner takes care of it all, so that your friends and family aren’t running around, instead they are enjoying this special day with you.
Once bellies have been filled and the guests start filing in to the main hall, we get the wedding parties ready. First we get the groom’s side coordinated and enter and then we coordinate the entrance of the bride. The entrances will be done according to the agenda previously agreed upon, which allows for a smooth entrance. If it’s a fusion wedding, the SAWC team will assist the parents with translating what the ceremony and give them direction. For example, letting the bride’s father know when it’s time for palla ceremony and when the parents have to stand up for Ardaas.

Congratulations! Now the couple is married! Once the ceremony is over, the wedding planners can help manage the sagan line to ensure all the guests get to congratulate the couple while adhering to the schedule and making sure the couple is comfortable sitting for so long. Sometimes schedules are tight in between the time the ceremony ends, the photoshoot, and the vidai. The planners ensure there is enough time for the couple to eat and make it to the photoshoot in time. Once everyone is at the photoshoot, there’s nothing left to do but to STRIKE A POSE and to enjoy the memorable moments, perfectly planned! For pictures of our recent wedding, please visit our photographers blog http://www.isaacimage.com/scarborough-centre-sikh-wedding-jag-seifa-day-one/