Shot by Mango studios | Planned by SAWC Planners

No Indian wedding is complete without dancing to the latest Bollywood dance songs. So, with so many weddings SAWC Planners celebrated this year, we would give you this year’s hit list of the most amazing dance numbers that will ensure you and your bridal party walk down the aisle in style.

Without further ado, here is our list of the most perfect bridal entry wedding dance songs of 2019. Gone are the days when the groom’s baraat was the only focus in a wedding. These days’ guests are equally ardent to see how the bride will make that grand entry. Brides are also on a constant lookout for new and creative ideas to make their bridal entry a glitzy affair.

At SAWC Planners we work with so many different brides that have a specific vision for their entrance.  We encourage rehearsals two to three weeks before the wedding and ensure that they coordinate with the DJ and MC to execute the entrance

Bridal entry song can be a one which suits you and reflects your personality. But nothing is keeping away brides from experimenting as well. From romantic numbers to peppy songs, today’s bride is all set to make a dazzling entry. So, we have created a list of top bridal entry songs 2019 to suit every bride out there!

Hindu wedding - bride's ceremony entrance

Shot by Devi Kumar Images | Planned by SAWC Planners

Here is some inspiration for every bride to be. Choose the perfect one for you!

  • Din Shagna da – Phillauri –  for simple yet stunning entry – This song has been on the top of the list ever since was used by Anushka Sharma at her own wedding. This song is a modern version of the traditional folk song and sets the mood right as you walk down that aisle. There are multiple different versions of the song that offer a modern take on this classic track that will leave your guests swooning as the bride makes her grand entrance.


  • Kabira slow version for our shy brides – Want to play safe? Then you have got your eyes on the right thing because this song can never go wrong. The classic song will pave the way for a heartwarming setting with people flooded with emotions.


  • Aafreen aafreen – By Coke studio – for the delightful entry – This song is ideal for your fairytale wedding and creates absolute magic as soon as it is played. Keeping the bride in the spotlight, it’s definitely going to give your guests goosebumps. Has it been overplayed? Perhaps! But Momina Noor’s vocals are absolutely perfect for a bride’s entry, and this song is going strong and is here to stay!


  • Nachdi Phira – Shutterdown Version – This song is perfect for bringing out emotions. Describing a bride’s journey as she walks down the aisle in soft yet powerful words, this song can be an excellent choice for your bridal entry making everybody teary-eyed. Pro Tip: If you’re looking for Bollywood bridal entry songs and love Jasleen Royal’s voice (she is the singer behind the much-loved ‘Din Shagna Da’ track, this cover she created with candid wedding photography team – ShutterDown – is perfect! The song was originally sung by Meghna Mishra in the Bollywood movie, Secret Superstar.


  • Chal le chal – By The Wedding Filmer – for the perfect romantic ambience – Make your bridal entry all about the two of you! This romantic number is perfect for professing your love for your groom. This is a beautiful number sung by Devani who has the voice of an angel. Enter to the sounds of the cello and guitar for that ‘extra’ ethereal feeling wala entry!


  • Ek Dil Hai – Padmavat – For the Royal Bride and Groom Entrance. This song is so powerful yet sensitive. If you have a royal theme for your wedding then this is a song for you.

  • Mere Sohneya- Kabir Singh – One of our favourite tracks for Bridal party entrance along with Bride or Groom. The lyrics are just perfect and it has a perfect mix of slow and upbeat music. Here is a video of Shiv and Shali’s wedding that we coordinated at Eagles Nest Golf Course.

Here’s a video of one of our SAWC Bride’s entrance on Mere Sohneya

 Bride’s entrance

  • Latika’s theme (Slumdog Millionaire) for the musical ingress – Create a harmonious impact with this melodious theme. If you are looking for a no-fuss entry, this is just the one you should opt for!


  • Kithe Reh Gaya – Such a fun song for a ring ceremony or sangeet night. Very upbeat and the lyrics are just right!

  • Lar gaiyaan- Dobara Phir Se for the fun-loving bride – This song is such a delight and gives you all the festive vibes. If you are looking for a peppy bridal entry in an unconventional way (like arriving in a rickshaw), this song will set the right tone in the background.  This song can also be used for Sangeet/Mehndi entrance where the atmosphere is a lot more fun and colourful.

Rija's sangeet entrance

Shot by Alfaaz Photography| Planned by SAWC Planners

Today’s bride is set to walk down the aisle in swag and no wonder brides out there are putting their “A’’ game forward. Be it simple or glamorous; emotional or vivacious; go pick a bridal entry song in the list which suits you and your wedding theme the best!