Shot by Alfaaz Photography. Sabyasachi Bride 

Are you looking for your dreamy bridal lehenga? Shopping for a bridal outfit is the highlight of many a bride’s wedding planning experience. But let’s face it, shopping for a bridal lehenga can be pretty stressful especially when you’re planning an entire wedding alongside. Your bridal outfit or lehenga is most noticeably the focal point around which several other important decisions have to be made. For example, decisions around the stage-décor, bridal jewellery, bridal makeup and of course, the groom’s outfit. From the location of where the celebrations will be held to the weather, your bridal lehenga needs to suit your circumstances and requirements. 

Our simple guide below can help make your shopping experience less and what brides need to know before hitting the stores for their bridal outfit shopping. 

Here are 10 things that can help you grab a perfect lehenga for your big day:

  • Online Research is a Must 

Setting a budget for your dream bridal outfit is one of the best ways to get the maximum bang for your buck! Break down the cost of your lehenga, jewellery, accessiories and shoes. Do online research before you go to a store and shortlist stores that fit your wedding budget. A designer lehenga can easily have a huge range in price based on latest designs, fashion, fabrics, colors etc. Don’t be afraid to embrace color in your wedding lehenga as opposed to the traditional RED as many brides prefer in contrasting colors that complement the venue and décor. But most importantly, REMEMBER YOU WILL ONLY BE WEARING IT ONCE!

Shot by Alfaaz Photography. Sabyasachi Bride

  • Avoid Impulsive Buying!

First things first! Avoid Impulsive buying! If you really like a certain designer’s collection, which you think is out of your budget, don’t visit them to look at their gorgeous collection and get your hopes up. It will just make you not like anything in your budget. All stores that you have picked are amazing. However, please make sure you take your time and try on the outfits before making the final decision. Furthermore, if you’re going to buy readymade outfits, be sure to try the outfits and make sure the cut, style, shape and form that works for best for you.

  • Lehenga and Décor Complement Each Other

Are you looking for a trendy pastel colored lehenga for you big day? If you are, be sure to add a bold color in your décor so that your lehenga pops!  Your wedding pictures will turn out to be really pretty as both of these go hand in hand. At SAWC Planners, we recommend our brides to wear an outfit that complements their décor and not match the décor. This is an extremely crucial, often-missed detail.  Our preferred vendors offer special savings to SAWC Couples on wedding outfits. Please see: Bombay Trendz, Manyavar Mohey, The New Delhi Company, Sahiba Fashion, Sabyasachi and Shymal and Bhumika

Shot by Photokitch.  Bride’s Lehnga by Bombay Trendz 

  • Avoid A Lot of People For Your Outfit Shopping

Some times family members and bridesmaids are adamant about being a part of the entourage to help pick out your wedding outfit. Do not take a lot of people for your dress shopping. It will get overwhelming for you with too many opinions and decisions. You can sidestep a larger party by inviting more people to your fitting. Have supportive people with you in case there’s anyone likely to make critical comments about your outfit.

  • Did You Ask For A Color Swatch?

Once you finalize your lehenga, get a color swatch of the lehenga fabric. Swatches come in handy and makes it easier for you to complement with jewellery, footwear and even with décor. Also, keep in mind the color of your outfit especially if its an evening function and you need to make sure the color palette of the outfit doesn’t contradict under artificial light and vice versa. 

  • Plan Enough Time for Accessory Shopping

For all your bridal outfit vendors, prepone the date of your wedding by one month so that you have enough time to purchase jewellery and go for last minute alterations. You would be in a better position to decide whether you want matching or contrasting jewellery with you outfit if your outfit is ready beforehand. Also, when choosing jewellery, be mindful of the neckline of the blouse and choose the jewellery set accordingly. For example, a choker would look beautiful with a deep-U neck. 

  • Alterations

Negotiate for alterations to be included in your final price for the outfit that you have bought. This is because your weight might change in a few months and then you might need to get it altered. Who would want to pay for it again? 

  • Remember: Don’t Ignore the Dupatta

Try on your lehenga and dupatta on your head to see the weight. It makes a huge difference on your overall look if the dupatta is light and doesn’t weigh your head down. Moreover, consider the inner lining of your dupatta as when the dupatta goes on your head, the lining becomes visible. Pick up bright colors for the inner lining to brighten up your face. Choosing a simple dupatta will bring down the cost of your wedding lehenga and will also highlight your blouse and skirt.

Shot by Cinematic Films. Lehnga by Asiana Couture 

  • Sizing and Measurements

You want to feel beautiful and fabulous in your wedding dress, right? Sizing is no small task. Ensure all measurements are written correctly by your designer and please take a picture of your receipt for future reference.

  • Consider the Weather

Keep the weather in mind. Summer weddings go with light-weight fabrics (like chiffon, georgette, crepe etc.) and less embellishments. However, you can go for heavy fabrics and heavy embellishments if it’s a winter wedding.