Are you planning an Indian wedding in Toronto?  And looking for authentic marigold garland in Mississauga or the GTA? When it comes to South-Asian weddings especially Indian weddings the decoration matters a lot. Usually, the decorations in an Indian wedding is full of colours that include colourful flowers, curtains, drapes, decorative items like centrepieces and chandeliers and much more. However, flowers do play a significant role here! There are several mythological references that associate certain flowers with good fortune and celebrations. Whether you want an extravagant wedding décor or a simple affair choosing the right flowers and décor items are what makes all difference! 

Talking about flowers at weddings, there are three major flowers that play a vital role in any Indian wedding and these are marigolds, jasmines and roses.

  • Marigolds 

Marigolds are the most common flowers that you can spot in every Indian wedding. These warm and brightly coloured flowers add a colourful touch to the venue. Not just that, marigold strings signify prosperity and wisdom as per Hinduism. Available in rich and bright shades of orange and yellow, marigolds are believed to emit good vibes and positive energy. In fact, it is assumed that marigold garlands can ward off evil spirits and represent blessings from God on the newlyweds. So are you looking for marigold garland in Mississauga or the GTA? Then you can find beautiful garlands at Bling and Bells. Also, you can opt for artificial marigold flower strings for creating colourful and startling flowery backgrounds. 

  • Jasmines 

Another flower that spreads its fragrance all over the venue! Usually, jasmines are quite popular in South Indian weddings where the garlands made of these sweet-smelling flowers can be found everywhere. Even the bride wears a few jasmine strings that are freshly plucked in her hair. These fragrant flowers signify good luck, purity and happiness which make them an essential addition to any wedding ceremony. In fact, a handful of jasmine flowers can make a room fragrant in a few minutes. And in most of the countries across the world jasmines are considered auspicious along with marigolds.

  • Roses 

Indian weddings are incomplete without roses! Whether it is the decoration, bridal look or a display of love and affection, roses are the most authentic options. You can find roses of different colours traditionally signifying different aspects such as red roses symbolize passion and love, pink roses symbolize cheerfulness, white roses symbolizes pureness and yellow symbolizes friendship and bliss. Also, rose garlands, bouquets or flower displays create an attention-grabbing ambience in the wedding venue. 

Bling and Bells provide beautiful marigold garland in Mississauga and the GTA that can transform your wedding venue into an incredible one. You can find artificial marigold flower strings of five different colours with them that you can intermingle and create a colourful atmosphere. For more information visit Bling and Bells Featured Product