There are so many different things to keep in mind while planning a wedding as I’m sure you all know. The list is endless. Planning a wedding – big or small – can be extremely overwhelming especially if you have a full time job. In fact, planning a wedding is like having another full time job so it’s not that difficult to believe that a detail may get left out here and there. But there are a few crucial details that should not be missed and to make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of 7 things that couples often miss while planning their big day. 

Adding Hall Number or Name to the invitation– For example- Reception at  larger venues and convention centres that have multiple rooms must indicate the room number that has been booked for your specific wedding…It will avoid confusion once guests arrive and they will know exactly what to look for. Don’t forget to add signage at the venue as well as people would need direction once they arrive. Be sure to create a WOW impression upon entrance. 

Collecting Guest Mailing Addresses via Save the dates–  Save the Dates are typically sent out a year to 9 months in advance of the wedding. Some couples have even sent them 6 months prior on Christmas, Valentines or any other date that signifies LOVE to them. It would be a great idea to ask your guests for mailing addresses, when sending out these Save the Dates. It will help you organize your mailing lists once its time to send out the wedding invitation 3-4 months before the wedding. Green Envelope or paperlesspost are both great resources to create the save the dates and keep a track of your RSVP’s.

Vendor Table and Vendor Meals– A lot of times couples forget to add a vendor table to their floor plan or include vendors in their numbers. It is important to take care of people that work hard all day to ensure your wedding day is what you dreamt off. Vendors are usually 20-30% off the regular per person cost and should not be charged for alcohol since they should not be drinking at work. In addition, vendors such as photo, video require a space to put all their equipment so it is safe and not in the way of your guests. It is best to locate the vendor table next to DJ so all vendors can coordinate together. 

Decor and florals by Lemontruffle Designs

Assign Moneybox Manager and ensure your lobby/entrance table looks very presentable – Always have a family member assigned to empty your money box at regular intervals. As wedding planners, during our timeline meeting, we always remind our couples to assign someone from their families to empty the moneybox at two intervals and have the moneybox completely removed at 10pm so no cards are left unattended.

Having a presentable entrance table with Guest book and proper signage is very important. Be sure to provide pens for your guest book that work and don’t smudge. Test the pens on your guest book before buying them as a lot of times they dont work properly on the paper or leave marks.

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 Cake Table Essentials Every cake table must have a cake cutter and cake knife along with 2 forks and napkins. So many times we arrive at the venue and have to remind the staff for putting out a quarter plate, 2 knifes, cake cutter and cake knife on the cake table. It is a small detail that is easily missed and once bride and groom arrive at the cake table, it is embarrassing to be looking for a cake knife while all eyes are on them!

PHOTOGRAPHY @sevenskies

6. Podium to be draped or look presentable – One of our biggest pet peeve is not having a presentable podium. Have you ever walked into a beautiful reception setting and then you see this ugly big piece of podium that has venue name on it and it sits right in front of the stage?? That is such a big NO NO!!  Never ignore the podium as it shows in your pictures as an overall look to the room. A color coordinated podium is as important as cake table decor. Don’t forget to add podium decor with your decorator. It makes a HUGE difference!

7. Provide a shot list to your photographer – Last but not least, Create a list of detail shots that you definitely want captured by your photographer i.e. nose ring, special shoes, invitation, veil etc. In addition, have important family members and friends identified to your photographer ahead of time so its easier on the day off. Remember it will all be over before you know it. The only thing you can look back on are your photos and videos. Our planners coordinate all these family shots with your photographer and ensure nothing is missed!

Lastly, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your special day- Eat well and stay hydrated. Your wedding day is a very busy, overwhelming day.