Once the engagement is done, couples and their families get drowned in the wedding planning process. It can all be too overwhelming, especially for the main couple who deserve to enjoy every bit of their wedding planning. This is where we come to the rescue! As wedding planners, we help navigate you through the wedding planning process keeping you away from the stressful parts. But there are a few important things that wedding planners DON’T do. To help shed light on this, we have a compiled a list of 5 things that wedding planners DON’T do. 

  1. Wedding Planners don’t act as the Maid of Honor or the Best man – More often than not, wedding planners become one of the closest acquaintance or friends during the planning process. However, a wedding planner does not take the place of the maid of honour (MOH) or the best man (BM). While the duties of a wedding planner and the MOH/BM are not explicitly differentiated, it is important to note that their duties vary. The highlighting point is that we, wedding planners, will be taking care of the logistics of the event(s) such as counting chairs, making sure the table is set up right, coordinating with the vendors involved for the event etc. Whereas the MOH/BM will be taking care more of the personal needs of the bride/groom such as getting them something to drink or eat in between a photo shoot, making sure all bridesmaids are there on time etc. 

  1. Wedding Planners don’t make the decision on behalf of the couple with vendors – Searching for the right vendors can be very stressful and overwhelming among the many things to plan for a wedding. So, while as wedding planners we help direct you to our list of respectable vendors, ultimately it is on you to decide with which vendor you would like to proceed and sign the contract with. This also helps to avoid any conflict or confusion on the day of the event. 

  1. Wedding Planners don’t do other vendors’ jobs – As a wedding planner, we plan and coordinate with vendors to help run the wedding event(s) as smoothly as possible but at the end of the day, it’s up to the vendors to fulfil their duties. From time to time, something may not go according to plan, for example, the catering company brought fewer people to serve food or the DJ is not emceeing properly. If we end up substituting and doing other vendors’ jobs, then we won’t be able to do what you have hired us to do. 

  1. Wedding Planners don’t break venue rules – For example, if a venue does not allow sparkles, then please don’t ask us to break the rules just for one time. Your satisfaction and happiness are first and foremost so we will do everything we can for you but we as wedding planners often work with the same venue so breaking the rules of the venue could potentially lead to irreversible consequences post-wedding day.  

  1. Wedding Planners don’t mediate the family drama – It’s not a big fat Indian wedding without the drama, is it? Many times, a small dispute between family members and/or relatives turns into something big. As a wedding planner, we do everything in our power to bring your dreams to reality in putting together a beautiful wedding day. But when it comes to mediating family drama, we strive to keep ourselves at a distance because it is not our place to say.  


While these were some things that we don’t do, there is a list of numerous things that we do. We shall visit this list some other time but something that will never change is that we are here for you. We are here to help create beautiful memories and make your important day all the more special!