Physical distancing, masks, sanitizers, and action! Welcome to the new age of weddings. As you might have heard or experienced, this wedding season adapted new social norms in light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Countless weddings were shelved due to the pandemic and the wedding business went MIA (missing in action) for a month or two with venues closing and vendors with no business opportunity. Rather than succumb to the hits of 2020, the wedding business rose once again with creative alternatives to help perform successful COVID weddings. In compliance with the safety guidelines for social gatherings set by the Government of Ontario, venues started offering their space for intimate weddings. Not only that but major adjustments were required for one of the most essential parts of the wedding. By the looks of the title, you have probably already guessed what it is, the key to all our hearts… that’s right, FOOD! Food is that last piece of the wedding puzzle that if set right helps complete the ambience of the wedding. With buffet-style food services being restricted in weddings during COVID, some creative alternatives are here to save the day, rather should I say save the hunger! Below we have compiled two amazing food alternative options that can help your COVID wedding feel complete. 

Food Trucks:

Even before Covid-19, food truck weddings were famously known for offering a casual and intimate celebration of the wedding. Now that the times have changed and all weddings are required to be intimate, food trucks offer a great food alternative for weddings. You may be wondering, Why? Well, let’s break it down. Food trucks offer a great variety of food options and more food options = more happy guests! To add to that, food trucks are budget-friendly because of its more casual setting, so it can help cut some wedding costs. Not to forget the freshly made and yummy factors of the food truck alternative. So overall I think it’s a win-win situation, don’t you agree?

Prepackaged meals:

The biggest benefit of prepackaged meals during COVID times is the absence of contact with the servers and the food equipment/utensils that all guests would touch in the usual buffet style service. Not only that but prepackaged meals offer relief from the last-minute wedding stress. This pandemic brought enough stress as it is in getting your dream wedding, so from that perspective, these prepackaged meals offer a great food alternative for weddings allowing both the couple and the guests to enjoy the special moments without any thoughts running at the back of the mind. If you are wondering about food variety options for prepackaged meals, then worry not because below are some prepackaged food options for breakfast, lunch & dinner that you can provide at your wedding. 

  • Breakfast: boxed samosa, aloo Tikki, with some Tim Hortons’ croissants, bagels, muffins, parfait etc. 

  • Lunch: kathi rolls, saag and makki roti, pav bhaji etc. 

  • Dinner: packaged Indian thali including salad, papad, a few different curries (i.e. paneer tikka masala, saag, chana bhatura etc.), naan, jeera rice/veg pulav and raita along with some sweet for dessert such as gulab jamun, gajar ka halwa, shrikhand, barfi, etc. 

Just looking at all these food pictures makes my mouth water; does it make yours too? I am sure that you must be missing the fun wedding environment prior to Covid-19 restrictions just like we are right now, but on the bright side food alternatives such as the ones discussed in this blog are here to bring a whole new mood to your wedding. Stay safe and enjoy the new age weddings!