Let’s look back at the year that changed it all. 

Weddings are one of the most important days in one’s life. This does not only signify the union of two hearts but also getting together for a new chapter. No matter how the couples would like to celebrate the day they become one, there is one thing that a coordinator wants to achieve…
Make their vision a reality.

Coordinators, like us, are acting like glue. We put together bits and pieces of elements to make one big picture of the wedding day. We live to make each couple’s vision come true and make it memorable for years to come.

This year though, it became quite a challenge not only for the wedding industry but to the whole world. To say that this pandemic changed our lives can be an understatement. Regardless, there are still a lot of things to be thankful for and we at SAWC would like to look back and reminisce on how we survived this year. For couples, here are the things we did to cope up with the change and it may give you ideas on how 2021 weddings might be done.

Monika and Shaun  (Month of Coordination Package)

Monika and Shaun are one of the couples who had to change their plans because of COVID. To ensure that they will have a great time without worrying about the pandemic, we implemented social distancing. We carefully planned the setup and we even had a floor and seat plan with enough distance between each guest. Month of Coordination package is ideal for couples who booked most of their vendors.

Zarina and Rafiq  (Elegant Partial Planning Package)

This package is ideal for couples who have booked less than 50% of their vendors. Preparation ideally starts 6-9 months before the actual wedding day. Zarina and Rafiq chose an outdoor venue, perfect for their vision and for the current situation.

Aru and Gautam  (SAWC Sassy Complete Package)

Aru and Gautam are one of the couples who chose to postpone their wedding day because of COVID. However, they went on with the ceremony this year and opted to do the reception next year. SAWC Sassy Complete package is ideal for couples who haven’t booked any vendors yet.


Highlights of the year:

  • Total Couples we Had: 8
  • Events Planned: 8
  • Elegant Partial Package: 2
  • Classy Complete Package: 1
  • Month of Coordination Package : 5

In all the years of planning, this year is the most challenging for SAWC. From the original 50+ events planned at the beginning, we are lucky enough to be able to assist the 8 remaining couples for their greatest days. Following all the safety protocols and rules set by the government, those events were done successfully. Despite all the changes, we are looking forward to the year 2021. As one of Toronto’s Top Wedding and Event Decorators, we come armed with years of event management experience. We specialize in full-service event planning and take pride in producing beautiful events styled to perfection! Schedule your free consultation with us today because we can’t wait to meet you all!