Frequently Asked Questions Answered
Q. I have a big family and lots of friends, do I still need a Wedding Planner

A. For most couples, the answer is YES! With the assistance of an experienced wedding planner, your dream wedding is handled by a professional who is unbiased and works to meet all of your expectations. A wedding planner also helps in running the day on schedule by keeping a track of time. Not to forget, the most important role of a planner is to let your family and friends enjoy your day so they do not have to worry about the details or deal with any issues that arise. It is very similar to inviting guests at your house and asking them to serve you.

When is the best time to book a Wedding Planner?

A. As soon as you get engaged, the very first vendor on your list should be a wedding planner. Many people look for planners after they book the venue and that is where they make the biggest mistake. The largest part of your wedding expense will be your venue and We can help you save money from the beginning. It is also worth booking a wedding planner right from the start because you can optimize our service, saving you a lot of time and money.

Can I afford a Wedding Planner? Are Wedding Planners an added cost?

A. You hire a financial advisor to help maximize your savings. Similarly, a wedding planner works to save you money by negotiating the details of services received for each dollar spent. The planner’s fee can be largely regained in the savings by their knowledge and experience. At SAWC Planners, we have worked very hard to create our preferred list of vendors who are highly professional, dedicated to providing excellent customer service and offer additional savings to all our clients. Being well aware of industry trends and pricing, we are able to protect you against any unnecessary vendor expenses. We can assist you by reviewing your contracts and making sure you get the best value for your money.

At first, a wedding planner seems more like a luxury but after the wedding is over, it is definitely a necessity. Almost all or a large part of a wedding planner’s fee can be recouped by the savings that can be utilized with our negotiation skills and industry knowledge. The fact that you and your family can have a stress-free, organized and enjoyable wedding is priceless.

How does a Wedding Planner work?

A. Wedding planners are not meant to “take over” your wedding or make any decisions on your behalf. At SAWC Planners, we have specific packages designed to suit your needs from least to most-involved at your wedding. Having said that, all decisions are made your consent and you are the final judge of how you would like your dream wedding to become reality.

Do we have to use vendors from your preferred list?

A. Absolutely Not! Our list is a set of vendors that we have tried and tested over the years and have worked with them very closely. We have spent a great amount of time in developing a strong relationship and connection with them which helps in running your wedding very smoothly. If you are planning a wedding in less than 4 months then your best bet is to go with our vendors as we will not have much time to negotiate with other vendors. 

We will be more than happy to consider vendors that you like, however, we would do our research to ensure that they perform the level of service you require.

How do you charge for your services?

A. We have designed specific packages to meet your budget and requirements. In our first consultation, we determine the level of support that you would require whether it partial or full coordination. Based on that we would advise you of our packages which are all based on a flat fee. Although our contracts have details of all our packages, we definitely go above and beyond our services to keep our couples happy.
We will be more than happy to consider vendors that you like, however, we would do our research to ensure that they perform the level of service you require.

Are your planing packages customizable?

A. Absolutely! Each couple has different ideas, needs and budgets. We would love to customize a package that fits and meets your requirements. At SAWC Planners, we go the extra mile to accommodate and keep our clients happy!

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